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Foot care for the athlete. Chiropodist from CE Sabadell.
CE Sabadell

Foot care for the athlete. Podiatrist from FCBE.

Foot care for the athlete.
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Foot care for the athlete.
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Football / Running and cycling / Dancesport

CLINICA Mayral foot center collaborates with Federació Catalana de Ball Esportiu, Centre d’Esports Sabadell F.C, Tri & Du (running & cycling), CE Vila Olímpica, Cerdanyola FC and Adrián Esperón and Patricia Martinez, champion dance couple from Spain.

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CLINICA MAYRAL foot center pays special attention to athletes. These have a common denominator and is the Stance they adopt during physical exercise.

We have to distinguish between posture and position. Posture is the way we stand with our own body from birth, and position is the placement that we use in the technical aspect of our movements during the exercise.

For example, we will say that our position when we shoot the football is important, because if the body stays behind the ball, the result of the forces will make it go up in excess and without control.

The athlete who runs, when it improves his technique, uses the body to help with the propulsion using more the half foot.

Cyclists improve their bike position to optimize energy expenditure and improve race time.

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On the other hand, dancers are very attentive to their position to maintain balance when they turn, which allows them to become more stable in their movements.

But the most important part of what we have discussed above is that if we improve our position we will be able to avoid muscle and joint injuries.

Frequent Asked Questions

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How can we improve our pose?

Posture is improved with postural relocation exercises. First, we have to take a posture test to know what our weak points are and from here we know how we should work.

Can we stretch all by ourselves?

Yes, you can. But the fundamental thing is to have a tutor specialized in postural relocation to guide us and learn proper technique.
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When we have to stretch?

We have to differentiate between a ‘warm up’ (or warming) and an active stretching session. Before the sports activity we have to stretch those muscles that we will use the most, without taxing them too much at the same time, paying attention to each sport according to their specialty.

When finishing the sport activity it is recommended to stretch to facilitate muscle recovery and to help the muscle in its cooling down.

It is recommended according to the dedication of the athlete (professional, amateur) to perform active sessions of stretching one to three times a week to help our body to be healthier.

What does CLINICA Mayral foot center do with athletes?

We conduct gait studies on our clients and assess the overall position (with the help of the osteopath).

From here on, every sportsman requires specialized treatment. We recommend the use of stabilization elements such as the templates, Silmas and we also help with physical recovery (Physiotherapy).