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Surgical Podiatry, as its name describes, is the surgery performed by the podiatrist on the foot. Our professional team is specialized in performing surgical interventions in the foot, especially at the forefront, which is the anatomical region where pain usually occurs.

We make interventions to solve all those problems that can not be resolved with conservative treatments, such as incarnated nails (onicocriptosis), claw fingers, plantar calluses, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuromes and hallux valgus, popularly known as bunions.

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At CLINICA MAYRAL foot center, our surgical team performs exhaustive control in order to avoid possible unforeseen events that may be derived from any surgery.

In the majority of the surgical interventions anesthesia is local with sedation, if the patient requires it. Thus, in this way the surgery is outpatient and the patient can leave home after the intervention, keeping telephone contact 24 hours a day with the foot center of the foot center.

The success of our surgical results is based mainly on the pre-surgical biomechanical study and the previous analyzes.

For this reason, each person needs a particular technique. We call it functional, since apart from obtaining an aesthetic result, getting the foot to behave properly after surgery.

To whom is surgical podiatry aimed?

To all those who, with the conservative procedure, will not be able to avoid the inconveniences it presents, making it imperative to correct the problem surgically.

Classic surgery or percutaneous surgery?

At CLINICA MAYRAL foot center we believe in surgical evolution, we are constantly introducing changes and improvements in surgery, the results of our patients endorse it.

There are cases with micro-surgery that we have enough to solve the problem, and in others we have to resort to another type of surgery.

What type of anesthesia is used?

In the majority of the operations that we conduct we anesthetize only the affected area, in such a way that the post-surgical recovery is immediate and any potential problems for the patient are minimized.

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