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What is orthopodiatry?

It is the part of Podiatry that aims at the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases and anomalies of the skeletal muscle system of the foot

Ortopodologia adultos
Ortopodologia escalada

Therapeutic effects

  • Palliative (relieve)
  • Compensatory (neutralize)
  • Corrective (avoid)
  • Substitutive (replace)

The orthopedic treatment that we perform at CLINICA MAYRAL foot center is always a personalized treatment.

The treatment depends on:

  • Type of foot
  • Type of footwear
  • The pathology presented by the patient
  • Type of job

Orthopodologic treatments

  • Plant support, better known as insole
  • Half Insole (insole adapted to the heel shoe)
  • Insole for sports (plantar support for athletes with highly technical materials)
  • Heel cup (protective material)
  • SILMA © (SILICONA MAYRAL is a digital orthosis)

The plantar support that we bring in our clinic is very varied, and specific to each person, it will depend on the type of foot, footwear, the type of work, the corrective goal of the insole and obviously the diagnosis.

May I put the insoles on any type of footwear?

Of course, it is very important that you indicate the type of shoe you are wearing, since we adapt the insole to each one’s style.

Obviously the greater difficulty of adapting the correction to treat, the less expectations of improvement for the patient.

Does everyone have the same orthopedic treatment?

Although it might seem that all people have the same problem standing, there are many variants and we must adapt the treatment to each type of pathology and foot alteration.

Depending on the obtaining of the mold of the patient, the treatment will be more corrective or less.

What is the ideal treatment for foot pain?

The ideal treatment is one that is capable of solving the problem presented by the patient. We have many types of materials and adapting to the idiosyncrasies of the patient will make us achieve the goal.

For many years, CLINICA MAYRAL foot center has been performing the SILMAS that help improve the problems of the fingers inside the shoe without the need to go to surgery.

The realization of insoles of 1 mm thickness help many women to be able to wear shoes that without them would be impossible.