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Gait analysis, technically called biomechanics, studies the displacement of the body when resting on the feet and when this movement results voluntary, progressive and comfortable for the body.

During a biomechanics analysis,
CLINIC MAYRAL foot center performs a scan of dynamic and active way in a study of posture with baropodometry equipment for static.

So we look at the possible changes that may affect the skeletal structure of our body.

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When should we do the first biomechanics check?

From Clínica Mayral – foot center we would advise to study and evaluate the foot as soon as we start to walk. Early childhood  could determine our future development.

If no problems are detected in the child previoulsy, it would be advisable then to make the first check when 2-3 years olds.

How often should we ask for a biomechanical study?

It is advisable to do a check  every year and especially for athletes.

Sometimes we find adults who have never been visited by a podiatrist, and knowledge of how we walk and what is our position can help us a lot to understand these problems we have in our body, which we could not suspect that they might from the feet.

Why athletes?

Everyone of us who might be engaged in sports need to have good stability, which comes from our ankles and our foreplay, otherwise this will affect our position and consequently we will have problems in our body.

Everyone who exceeds two hours a week of sports activity needs to be valued to prevent future problems.

Can a foot problem affect the rest of the body?

We have observed many diseases of the knee, hip and back that are directly related to our feet.

It also influences our way of walking, the ergonomics of the person, the type of work we do, that is, if we are sitting or standing, the number of hours, the type of sport we practice and activities complementary


Posturology aims to observe what our locomotive device suffers when it is right and how it is organized in space. It is about going beyond and achieving good postural education.