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Here in CLINICA MAYRAL foot center, chiropody is the fundamental basis of foot care.

Chiropodology is the old service performed by the Podiatrist.

It is common for people to have skin disorders such as the known calluses or hardness; nail changes (fungus, nails nailed) in both children and adults; and also the inflammatory and painful problems of the joints that prevent us from walking correctly.

Nor should we forget the risks involved in patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, or for our elderly, whom require more attention from us.

Clínica Mayral Quiropodología

First Chiropodology check

The goal is to clean the calluses and/or cut the nails that get stuck.

We will also guide the patient for the treatments that can be derived from the visit to solve the problem.

Procedure for the first Chiropody visit

The patient goes to the foot center because of a foot problem, pain due to a hardness, joint inflammation, digital deviation or a simple nail problem. We perform skin care and then we advise treatments and we derive them for future visits:

  • Biomechanical check or study of the gait
  • Oral or topical pharmacological treatment
  • Orthopedic treatment (insoles)
  • Silicone orthosis
  • Ambulatory surgery

Frequently asked questions about the chiropody visit

How often should we perform a chiropody check?

In elderly patients it is advisable once a month, but it depends on many factors, such as the type of calluses that it presents, the area and the causes that produce them.

What is a hardness or callus?

It is a keratopathy. It is a physiological, chemical and morphological alteration related to the outward path of epithelial cells.

It is always caused by the bones, either by pressure with the footwear or with the ground when walking.

What is an Onicocriptosis ©?

It means that a nail got stuck. The treatment in most cases is surgical.

First we have to verify if onicocriptosis© has been caused by an external agent (shoe, trauma, bad cut) or by an internal cause (typical of our foot biomechanics).

If the treatment we must perform is surgical, the technique we use in our clinic is that of Onicocriptosis©, a technique described by Agustín Mayral and we have been doing it for more than 30 years, with the improvements that have been derived from it.

What is a Mycosis?

It is a fungal infection, often appearing on the nails, between the fingers or on the soles of the feet.

The treatment is topical with antifungals and requires dedication and perseverance in the treatment by the patient for its total solution.