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Biomechanical study, orthopedics, chiropody, foot care for the athlete, bunions.
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Laser Therapy

The fastest and most effective laser treatment for nail fungus and other applications.
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Biomechanical check

In the biomechanical study we conduct a study of the gait dynamics, that is, we analyze how our patients do walk. We use sports tapes and at 2 Km/h, we record our patients to study their movement.


The orthopodological treatment that we perform in our clinic is always a fully customized treatment.
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Outpatient Surgery

Our professional team is specialized in performing surgery.
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Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

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Fundamental basis of foot care. First observation of the patient’s foot and contact with the professional.
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Bunion treatment

New surgical treatment. We are pioneers in the application of surgical goniometry, also known as osteogoniometer.
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Custom insoles

In our clinics we are experts in the manufacte of custom insoles for general public, athletes and dancers alike.