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Ingrown nails

Our mission as healthcare professionals is to act, and it is common for the only solution to be the surgical one.

Normally, in the early ages, there is only an affectation of the nail plate, either due to a bad cutting process or due to problems in the matrix, which in both cases lead to its infection.

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How do we deal with ingrown nails (onychocryptosis) at Mayral Clinic - foot center?

The technique that we apply is a technique described by my father, Agustín Mayral in 1983 with a Patent Registry, called Mayral® Technique for onychocryptosis (ingrown nail).

Mayral® Technique is based on:

  • Respecting the eponychium and hyponychium.
  • Nail tissue excision (plate, bed and matrix).
  • Aesthetic reconstruction of the nail.

Mayral Technique® is a success, more than 30 years guarantee it, and what interests us the most is the quick recovery of the patient, whom is fully recovered in a week.