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The hammertoes or claw toes are caused by different situations.  The footwear is not always the cause of the problem, but the frictions and the pressure are the element that causes the pain. In summer with the discovery shoes and without this compression the fingers will stop bothering.

Dedos en garra

That’s why it is necessary to differentiate between the pain of the fingers by the compression of the footwear and the pain caused by a structural alteration.

The most common cause of the claw toes it’s a bone and muscular alteration. The patients with longer fingers are more susceptible at the hammertoes. The type of foot also conditions this pathology, the “empty” feet due to the muscular tensions favors the claw toes.

Other causes are metabolic, arthritic or rheumatic alterations.

Claw fingers or hammertoes, how to correct them on time?

The claw fingers can be foreseen as long as they do not have excessive rigidity. There are more options for success when the fingers are flexible.

In  CLINICA MAYRAL foot-center we recommend to take a foot scan as soon as we suspect that there is something uncommon in the foot. Thanks to a preventive visit we can avoid having complications in the future.

On the diabetic foot, extreme precautions must be exercised.

What happen when we have hammertoes?

We could say on thousands of situations, the most common are calluses due to friction with the footwear. There is also pain in the joint of the finger or instability when waking.

Although the narrow shoes we should be able to stretch the fingers inside it, for example, the dancers could not have stability when dancing if they made their fingertips. 

The fingers open and stretched to dance give stability and power to the foot for the next step.

How to treat them?

The SILMA® (silicone Mayral) it’s a digital orthosis that developed and investigated Agustí Mayral (Podiatrist).

Silma® Clínica Mayral

SILMA is made with soft and flexible materials that are mixed with a liquid silicone that adapts to the skin. Once done, it has a durability of about 3 years and it prevents the tension of the fingers in anguish. In addition it is in charge of protecting the fingers of the friction with the shoes.

The claws toes must be treated in time, but the claw cannot be reduced and the tension would not favor its rehabilitation, needing to be operated.

Hammertoes surgery

At CLINICA MAYRAL foot-center we give special attention at the hammertoes.

They are responsible for the prevailing action to walk and stability, which is why we need to be very precise at the time of the surgery.

There are lot of different techniques, depending on the shape of each case, we will do one or the other.

Before and after the operation

MIS Surgery or Percutaneous Surgery

Cirugía MIS

We use MIS (Mimally invasive surgery) techniques in youg patients with little osteoarthritis, were rewards the aesthetic and functional result of the interphalangeal joints.

In this case surgery is performed without stitches because it is a micro-surgery. .

Mini Open Surgery

Cirugía miniopen

Those techniques are the most often used in our center cause the quantity of patients that arrive with those symptoms and rigidity of the interphalange joints.

Scarping of Exotosis

They are the most simple and fastest procedures to cure, since they are performed by means of micro-surgery and only scratch the bone that causes callus or heloma.

If you want more information about the hammertoes and the techniques to take care of the fingers,visit our blog.