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Bunion Treatment

It is known popularly as the lateral thickening of the bone that articulates with the first toe.

Many people really do not understand what the pathology is like, thinking that the only concerning part is the visible one, in this case the prominence of the bone. However, what it makes it a cause for problems is just the opposite, what can not be seen fir the naked eye: the state of the joint and the degree of mobility of the first finger.

One of the most important functional aspects regarding the foot is the ability to move the first finger correctly while walking, if that is not the case, we will have problems with the rest of the foot.

Hence the importance of achieving a good functional result after the intervention.

Are all galindons operated the same way?

Of course they are not, depending on the patient, the most appropriate technique or a set of them is chosen to achieve a good functional result.

Patologia juanetes

At the Clinic we perform several different techniques, including:

  • Austin-Ronconi
  • Reverdi-Green
  • Weil-Ronconi
  • Scarf
  • Base
  • Lapidus
  • Akin

These are the most common and depending on the problem we choose one or the other.

At what age can we undergo surgery to deal with bunions?

There are patients who have a family history and have this disorder from very early ages.

That’s when we begin to evaluate the intervention, after being 16 years old, although in advanced cases it can even be operated before, taking into account growth cartilages.

In young patients it is necessary to attend to the most fundamental principles of biomechanics and functionality to have a good result for life.

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