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This syndrome is very important to keep in mind because it is a cause of confusion with plantar fasciitis.

Not all heel pain is caused by plantar fasciopathy, in a percentage of around 15-20% of cases we can observe this syndrome.

The inferior calcaneal nerve can be responsible for causing a lot of pain because it is compressed. This nerve, also known as Baxter’s nerve, is responsible for the innervation of the insertion of the plantar fascia. In these cases CLINICA MAYRAL – foot center carries out very specific protocols to diagnose this pathology. Ultrasound and tests such as neurophysiology help us to confirm this pathology.

The treatment we carry out at CLINICA MAYRAL ranges from classic ultrasound-guided infiltrations, painless percutaneous intratisular electrolysis, to biological and regenerative ultrasound-guided therapies such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), ultrasound-guided hydrodissection or prolotherapy and even thermal (pulsed) or pulsed radiofrequencies.

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If the chosen therapeutic indication is surgical, CLÍNICA MAYRAL since 2020 offers a range of eco-assisted surgical treatments developed by the same surgical research team that 10 years ago were approached with open surgery.

Today, with eco-assisted surgery we provide the patient with amazing results with a return to work and sporting life. This is due to the surgical protocol in which with 1-2mm incisions we access the internal structures to resolve this nerve entrapment, avoiding the typical inconveniences of traditional surgery.