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Fascitis plantar

Plantar Fascitis

Inflammation of the plantar fascia, a fibrous fascia that goes from the calcaneus (heel) to the toes.

Bunion treatment

It is popularly known as the lateral thickening of the bone that articulates with the first toe. It is also known as hallux valgus.

Incarnated nails

An incarnate foot nail may be the result of many things, but the shoes that do not fit well and the nails of the foot that do not adjust properly are the most common causes.
Fascitis plantar

Diabetic foot

A diabetic foot is a foot which is at high risk of illness due to Diabetes and also due to added both vascular and neuropathic secondary causes, which put the feet of these people to be at greater risk and are more susceptible to serious injuries in the feet.
Dedos martillo


It’s a claw-like toe alteration, it can be caused by the shoes and also due to biomechanical alterations, that’s why it’s so the previous study is so important, to try to avoid the possible consequences.


Technically speaking it is a keratopathy. It is a physiological, chemical and morphological alteration related to the path leading to the outside of epithelial cells.