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Biomechanical study.
We solve your foot problems.
Estudio biomecánico pies
Orthopodology. Last generation insoles.
Chiropodology. Invest in your health, take care of your feet.
Laser therapy

The fastest and most effective laser treatment for nail fungus and other applications.
Láser terapia
We take care of the feet of:
· CE Sabadell FC
· Triandú
· Cerdanyola FC
· Federació Catalana de Ball Esportiu
Pies Familia
Pies Familia

We take care of the health of your feet

In our clinic we treat all kinds of alterations in the foot, from a simple alteration in the skin, to a morphological deformity. We conduct gait and posture analysis. We make all kinds of insoles depending on the pathology.

We are an international leading reference in Foot Surgery

Hallux valgus, or aslo popularly known as bunions, are no longer a problem for your feet. The improvement of the techniques and the accumulated experience guarantee us very satisfactory results.

Solutions, quality and care

Estudio de la pisada

Biomechanical analysis

During the biomechanical assessment, CLINICA MAYRAL foot center performs an exploration of the dynamics of the human gait and a static postural study with baropodometry equipment.



The orthopedic treatment we perform at CLINICA MAYRAL foot center is always a fully customized treatment.

Aparatología Quiropodia


At CLINICA MAYRAL foot center, chiropody is the fundamental basis of foot care.

Pies corredores

Athlete's Care

CLINICA MAYRAL foot center works hand in hand with Federació Catalana de Ball Esportiu, Centre d'Esports Sabadell F.C, Tri&Du (running & cycling) CE Vila Olímpica, Cerdanyola FC and also with Adrián Esperón and Patricia Martinez, Spanish dancesport champion couple.


Laser therapy

We use S30 technology PODYLAS, the most advanced tool to attain healthy nails.


Clinical Pilates, Specific adjustment technique (better known as SAT), conservative and invasive myofascial approach. Specialized attention in dancers: prevention and treatment of injuries, performance improvement in dance performance.

Jordi Mayral

Jordi Mayral
Clínica Mayral – foot center director.

“One of the factors that brings success to our Clinic is the mixture of the experience accumulated for so many years and the energy that we all contribute to our team, with the desire to improve ourselves day by day.


"In only one hour my son Luis already underwent surgery and everything worked out perfectly. We went home very happy, and the attention and kindness, unbeateable"
Mar López

Our Clinics

Clinic in Barcelona

C/ Equador, 91 (08029)

Clinic in Cerdanyola

C/ Torras i Bages, 3A, Local 1 (08290)

CLINICA MAYRAL foot center

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